Hand Sanitizer

NOTE: We are no longer producing hand sanitizer, but we are selling our remaining stock at deep discounts. Need some sanitizer? Order some in our store!

Like many small distilleries throughout the country, when we saw that there was a shortage of hand sanitizer in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we immediately realized that there was something we could do about it: take all that high proof ethanol slated to make our delicious liqueurs and shift to help where our expertise is best put to use.

Need sanitizer?

For Organizations and Businesses

Our primary focus is on providing reasonably priced hand sanitizer to organizations with front-line workers, businesses with employees who need to be in the field, and businesses with employees returning to work from the Stay Home order. These are sold in bulk in half-gallon increments.

To request bulk orders, please contact us at sanitizer@letterpressdistilling.com.

For Consumers

We have recently begun offering hand sanitizer for sale to individual consumers, available through our online store. These orders are for pick-up at the distillery only. The sanitizer comes in quart and half-gallon sizes, but you’ll be able to add 4-ounce spray bottles to your order to distribute the sanitizer into for daily use.

Buy it Forward!

When you purchase hand sanitizer online, you’ll have the option to select a “Buy it Forward” option.

By doing this, you’ll be donating sanitizer to an organization that works with at-risk groups for use by their volunteers, employees, and the populations they serve. We’re working to donate to several organizations, including the University District Food Bank and others.