NOTE: The tasting room is closed on February 11. Go enjoy the Super Bowl! Or don't. Up to you, really.

House and Pet Instructions

If you have any questions or concerns, please call or text us:
Skip – 206.227.4522
Johnna – 425.420.8694
Vet (Greentree Animal Hospital) – 206.932.5593



Easy-peasy. She gets just a ½ a cup of dry food in her bowl in the morning and evening.

Her food is in the hall closet in a plastic bin. You can tell her “get your bowl!” when you feed her and she’ll go get it and bring it to you by the closet. This is basically my favorite thing. After, you can tell her, “Put your bowl away,” and she’ll carry it back over to the living room.

After the evening meal only, she gets a greenie tooth cleaning treat thing. She’ll expect it, but if you say “let’s brush your teeth,” she’ll run over to the closet, ready for it.


Roux gets 1/2 a Clomipramine pill every night before bed. We just give it to her with a little peanut butter on our finger. The pills are in the cupboard above the toaster.


We just leave some water in the bowl at all times. She’s good at regulating her intake. In the morning, if you’ll be gone for several hours, we don’t fill it up too much, so she doesn’t end up holding it in for hours.

Letting Out

We let Roux out first thing in the morning and then again after she’s eaten. 

Just tell her to “go potty,” and make sure she does all the things before you leave.

We let her out in the morning, when we first get home in the evening, and right before bed. She might also nose at the bell on the door. Sometimes this is because she has to go, sometimes it’s because she wants to play outside. She also might not want to go out before bed, which is fine if she’s played some fetch and gone then. She gets scared there might be fireworks.


The dog treat container is in the closet with the cat food. She can have treats a couple of times a day, if you want. 


Roux stays in the room with us. She also might not. But she probably will.

When you want her to go to bed, just get a couple of small treats (or her peanut butter/meds) and tell her to “Go goodnight!”


  • The best way to exercise her is to throw the ball for her in the yard. I throw it from by the fire pit over to the opposite corner so that she’s stopping/turning on grass, which prevents her from hurting her paws. A good 25-30 throws usually does it.


Milo is pretty easy.  One key thing is that he is NEVER allowed outside.


One can of food in the morning and one can of food plus a couple of tablespoons of dry food in the evening. He loves to chase things, might drool with excitement, and could be super vocal.  Both his food and treats are in the upper closet on the upper shelf. His dry food is in the container on top of Roux’s food.

Please keep the closet latched. Milo likes to get in there and get into the food.


Milo gets a few pieces of freeze dried chicken at bedtime. He knows it’s treat time when the dog goes to bed and he’ll probably follow you around meowing until he gets his treats. We just scatter 2-4 pieces around the upstairs for him.


Milo likes belly rubs. He might lay on you and drool (which is sorta gross). He might also try to flop on his back on you because he LOVES belly rubs. He also might ignore you. He’s a cat, after all. Totally unpredictable.

He likes to make biscuits on soft blankets. It’s best to leave him be while he’s doing this


He’s a cat. He does his thing. Might sleep on the bed. Might not.



Network: Wesnetti

Password: cricketolivermiloroux (super hard to guess, I know…)


Basic Instructions

To turn the TV on, press and hold the Apple TV remote power button for a couple of seconds.

To turn on the sound bar, press the green power button on the small Sony remote.

Operating the TV

All of our services run through Apple TV. The tiny Apple TV remote will operate it. On there, you will find apps for most of the streaming services. We should be logged in to them all. For certain:

  • HBO Max
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Disney +
  • Various others
  • YouTube TV (regular television)

If you want to watch TV, we have YouTube TV as our service in place of cable. You can select that app on the Apple TV and then go to the “Live” tab at the top, which will bring you to a regular TV menu. You can also select the magnifying glass icon and search for something by typing it or holding the microphone button and speaking your search.

Other House Stuff


Feel free to try any of the booze!

There’s also wine down in/next to the wine fridge. Feel free to help yourself to some of that. We have a few older cabs we’re sitting on, but otherwise it’s mostly there for drinking. Please don’t drink any wine with foil that has tooth marks in it. Those are from our weird border collie Oliver who chewed on a bunch of wine bottles one day. He’s since passed away. We drink those on his birthday.

Feel free to eat what you find in the fridge or cupboards.


The code for the alarm will be set with a temporary password that’s the last four digits of your phone number. When you arrive, simply put in the code within 30 seconds to disable it. The keypad is in the hall near the front door.

To set the alarm, just press AWAY.  You then have 45 seconds to exit. This will also lock the front door automatically.

You can also set the alarm to HOME when you’re home or sleeping. This enables the door and window sensors but not the motion sensors.

There is a camera in the kitchen and one in the TV room. It is only activated when the alarm goes off. We only have them so if an alarm is triggered, we can check to see what’s up before they send the police out. We do not otherwise monitor the cameras in any way, but we’ve had to pay some false alarm fees to the city, so we started using the cameras to look so we can cancel an alarm and save the police the trip (and us the money!). Feel free to cover them or whatever if it weirds you out. Totally understandable.


Please do not use the fireplace. The fireplaces in these houses were poorly designed and they do not draw well AT ALL. You’ll almost certainly end up with just a house full of smoke.

Dining Table

The dining table is an old vintage table and we’ve just refinished it. Feel free to use it but please use placemats and coasters.