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Letterpress Gives


Donation Guidelines

While there are countless worthy causes to donate to, we unfortunately receive significantly more requests than we can support. With that in mind, we give highest preference to organizations that support the following causes:

  • Animal support and welfare
  • Immigrant rights and support
  • Disaster relief (especially direct aid/mutual aid organizations)
  • Women’s and LBGTQ+ rights
  • Environmental issues
  • Hunger and family welfare
  • Education (with priority to auctions for schools attended by students we know)

We do not donate to:

  • Organizations without active 501(c)(3) status
  • Religious organizations
  • Sports teams
  • Organizations or activities outside of the Seattle area

Our preference is always to donate some sort of experience (i.e., a tour, tasting, cocktail class, etc.) rather than a products, though we do make exceptions. We find that it brings in more money for the organizations and also allows us to meet the people who support the same causes we do.

Please complete the form below and our owners will respond is a timely manner.

Donation Request Form