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Will my liqueur go bad? How long can I keep it after it has been opened?

All of our products should last, well…forever. They have no expiration dates. Our products range from 28-40% alcohol, which is an environment in which the things that form in other products (mold, etc.) cannot exist.

Feel free to keep your amaro, arancello, limoncello, etc., as long as you like.

Do I need to refrigerate my liqueurs?

Lots of people like to serve our products chilled, so feel free to refrigerate them or put them in your freezer (the limoncello and arancello are especially tasty chilled!), but there is no reason to keep them chilled for preservative purposes. As stated above, your products should be good indefinitely.

I see sediment/cloudy areas in my bottle? What is that? Is it normal?

YES! That is totally normal. Because we use all natural ingredients and no stabilizers, some separation might occur. Simply shake the bottle to redistribute it. Or don’t!

In the limoncello/arancello, the settling is primarily very tiny proteins that are a natural part of the honey we use. In the Amaro Amorino, some microscopic sugar solids sometimes drop out of solution. Again, totally normal and totally safe.

Do you ship?

YES! We ship to every state except for Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, or Virginia.

Washington orders must be made by phone at 206.227.4522. It’s for boring tax reasons that would bore you. But just call and we’re happy to take your order and ship it!

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I bought a Groupon. Where can I schedule a tour?

Simply go to our online appointment booking site. All available times are listed there and you can book directly on the site.