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95 POINTS – Letterpress LimoncelloWine Enthusiast Magazine

Richer than a typical limoncello…

5+ stars out of 5!Difford’s Guide

“Well-balanced with just enough sugar to counter the tart zesty lemon … Very clean and fresh.”

“After years of tinkering, Amaro Amorino distiller creates a bitter that would make grandpa proud”Chicago Tribune

“His Old World heart steered him toward Italian liqueurs. After three years and close to 30 iterations, Tognetti landed on the formula worthy of Grandpa Morino‚Äôs name.”

“The Best Digestifs for Thanksgiving Dinner”Tasting Table

“[Brad Thomas] Parsons recommends Amaro Marseille from Brooklyn’s Forthave Spirits, Amaro Amorino from Seattle’s Letterpress Distilling or Standard Amaro from Philadelphia’s Rowhouse Spirits. All are American-made bottles, as it is Thanksgiving, after all.”

“Drink Up: Washington-Distilled Italian Spirits”Seattle Magazine

“A lovely golden color, this lemon liqueur has an amazingly approachable lemon taste (coming from, as distiller Skip Tognetti says, ?a ridiculous amount? of lemon zest) and a subtle strength that keeps things in line.”

“Citrus Dreams”City Arts Magazine

“The lemony liqueur, traditionally served chilled after meals in its Italian homeland, is the perfect accompaniment to a scorching day. Its flavor is bright and complex, bracing with citrus up front and mellowed by a sweet blackberry honey finish that kicks in as the tension in your shoulders dissolves.”

“Daily Sip: Letterpress Distilling Vodka”Sip Northwest

“…made to wear both hats of a cocktail-friendly spirit and a solo sipper. The Letterpress Vodka is just that (goal achieved!) with a hint of aromatics, vanilla and grain, delivering a palate of similar flavors and smoothness.”

“High-Proof Talent”The Stranger

“…a boozy delight that tastes shockingly like real lemon, distilled with fresh zest and honey for an earthy rather than astringently citrus effect. Skip Tognetti at Letterpress Distilling crafts the best limoncello I’ve ever tasted.”

“The Best Local Liquor to Stock in Your Home Bar”Seattle Magazine

“This really is a great example of an internationally made product, but done terrifically well here in Seattle.”

“Cranberry Holiday Cocktails”Booze Nerds

“1 oz limoncello (we used the very lovely Letterpress)”

Washington distilleries seriesPagliacci blog

“One sip of his vibrant limoncello and the clouds parted.”

“An Abundance of New Local Liquors”Seattle Met

“When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Limoncello”Seattle Weekly

“Letterpress Distilling Readies SoDo Facility”Seattle Met

“A Distiller Among Us”Shoreline Patch