NOTE: The tasting room is closed on February 11. Go enjoy the Super Bowl! Or don't. Up to you, really.

Where to Buy


Many Seattle-area liquor stores carry our products, including:

You may wish to call ahead to ask about specific product availability, but the above stores carry most of our product line, including limited products.

Throughout the state, you can find us at the following stores:

  • Metropolitan Market (select locations, Limoncello)
  • Total Wine (Limoncello and Amaro Amorino)
  • Whole Foods (most locations throughout Washington, Limoncello and sometimes Amaro Amorino)

If you can’t find it at your local liquor store, ask for it! Let them know we are distributed through Prime Wine and Spirits.

California (amaro, limited amounts of limoncello)

Ask at you local store. Tell them we are distributed through Bock Wine & Spirits.


(online only, wider distribution coming soon)

Available through Spirits Hub online store. Visit our Spirits Hub page by clicking on the button below…

More coming soon!